An Overview: Upright Vac Cleaners

Upright vac remains one of the most popular of all the various types, mostly due to their versatility and ease of use. Here’s why.

The majority of manufacturers claim their upright vacuums have similar benefits such as:

  • cleaning tools with powerful suction
  • helpful attachments
  • clean air exhaust
  • convenience features and more.

This can cause it to be difficult to separate the gimmicky from the truly fantastic. The truth is, most difficult part of owning an upright vac is probably purchasing one. Consumer guide has created an in depth rating system that spells out instantly. Generally, which vacuums best suit your requirements and budget.

What is the starting point in choosing an upright vac?

Identify what you will frequently clean with the vacuum. This may seem apparent, but giving it some thought allows you to prioritize certain features. Just like bare floor attachments, on board upholstery attachments or highly effective main bristles.

Is your home carpeted from one end to another? Or perhaps, do you have a combination of area rugs and hardwood flooring?

If you’ll be wanting a vacuum to do double duty by dusting ceiling fans and windowsills, make sure it has a long extension hose and the right attachments. In case you have special considerations, such as allergies or an abundance of pet hair. Seek out models with clean air exhaust, HEPA filters or pet hair removal attachments.

Numerous vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer one year warranties but warranties that last no less than two years is recommended. A few companies, like Dyson, offer a five year warranty. It is likewise essential to know if a company offers separate warranties for “parts” as well as “labor”. For instance, the parts warranty could be one year and the labor warranty could be as little as 3 months.

At the lower end of the price spectrum, you will find only the simplest models. These are fine if you plan to only use a vacuum for light cleaning. If a vacuum will be a major part of your cleaning routine, spend a few more dollars for performance and convenience features. It will be worthwhile.

Tips on Purchasing

The latest trend in upright vacuums is “bag less”. What this means is the vacuum foregoes the traditional disposable bag in favor of a reusable, often filtered canister to collect debris. Bag less vacuums employ centrifugal force to separate particles from air flowing through this cylindrical collection vessel.

Most producers now offer a bag less upright vacuum, but many perform with varying degrees of success. Among the biggest problems we’ve encountered during Auckland Carpet Cleanings testing of bag less models is that, except when designed correctly, the canister filters can easily become clogged and cause the vacuum to lose suction. A bag less vacuum that absolutely works, however, can make a real difference. It doesn’t only do a better job of removing carpet debris, but it also saves you the cost of purchasing replacement bags.

Traditional models which employ a disposable bag are still widely available. One manufacturer has added germicidal UV light to destroy dust mites and allergens while vacuuming. All bagged models should have a light that indicates when the bag needs replacing. In any other case, you’ll have to open the vacuum and check the bag to find out.

Most upright vac have cleaning paths that range between 12 to 15 inches. In case you have a lot of room to cover, look for vacuums with a wider cleaning path. Several upright vacuums have additional bristles, called edge cleaners, on each side of the main vacuum head. This makes it less complicated to clean next to baseboards or in corners.

The primary vacuum head should be covered with a soft bumper guard

This to protect furniture, walls as well as baseboards. An always on headlight can help provide light for dark areas under furniture and in corners. A self-propelled vacuum makes it less of a task to push.

Upright VacNearly all upright vacuums come with standard attachments, like a crevice tool and upholstery tool. These tools generally fit onto an on board hose or extension wand. A few models include a dusting brush, and the current trend is to also include specialized tools for collecting pet hair. If you intend to use accessories during your cleaning routine, look for a vacuum that has a hose at least 9 feet long attached to a vacuum stable enough not to readily tip.

Several upright vacuums have a carpet height adjustment so the vacuum performs more effectively on deep pile versus a thin area rug. Progressively more upright vacuums now come with a bare floor cleaning attachment or an adjustable setting on the main vacuum head created for bare floors. This setting must turn the main bristles off so there is no risk of scratching hardwood or other bare floors.

A power cord of no less than 25 feet will allow you to vacuum most rooms without switching to a closer outlet. A few models now have power cords of over 30 feet.

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