The Factor in a Structured Carpet Maintenance Plan

Carpet MaintenanceUse these items when organizing your regular carpet maintenance program. In fact, choosing the right cleaning system and frequency to maintain your carpet.

A Structured Maintenance Plan

Carpet Treatment
Help make vacuuming and cleaning carpet more efficient.

Clean Equipment
Prevents machine repairs as well as inappropriate cleaning.

Interim Cleaning
Employ interim cleaning when carpet fibers become slightly soiled. Interim Cleaning can be explained as in between, or a speedy surface cleaning that will reduce the downtime of a carpet. This cleaning is intended to keep a carpet looking cleaner for a longer period of time. It must be kept in mind that interim cleaning is not a replacement for major or restorative cleaning.

Use a prespray just before extracting to loosen traffic soils.

Regular Spotting
Work with good spotting products for daily spotting.

Restorative Cleaning
Inhibits permanent fiber damage from embedded soils.

These cleaning methods will achieve a thorough cleaning that is essential to the long term life of a carpet. The frequency will be based upon the amount of soiling the area. Specifically subjected to and whether interim cleaning is being performed regularly.

Restorative Cleaning Choices:

  • Hot Water Extraction or Steam Carpet Cleaning (Most Widely Used)
  • Rotary Shampoo
  • Dual Process (Rotary Shampoo + Steam Cleaning)

Scheduled Vacuuming
80% of all soil tracked right into a facility is dry.

Walk Off Mats
A setting of mats at all entrances and service elevators.

The Cleaning of Soils Can Be Accomplished by Following 5 Simple Measures

Dry Soil Elimination
It can’t be overstated how necessary vacuuming is to extend the life of a carpet. It also enhances the overall appearance and will improve indoor air quality provided that the proper filtration is used.

Soil Suspension
This is probably the primary element for successful cleaning. This method involves separating the soil from the fiber so that it can be simply removed.

Soil Elimination
The elimination of the cleaning solution and also the suspended soils which should leave the fiber fresh, clean and residue free. The rinsing procedure can take place before the fiber has a chance to dry. As in hot water extraction or the soils can be absorbed into pads used for bonnet or spin pad cleaning. The soils can also be extracted following drying as in dry powders or shampoo, which must be vacuumed after they dry.

Nylon and wool fibers must at all times be groomed after wet cleaning and just before drying. This will remove any wand marks or swirls from rotary machines. These fibers will take a water set which makes it impossible to remove these nap shadings.

This has to be done as quickly as possible in order to avoid resoiling, mildew, and odors. The drying time can be reduced by using air movers and ventilation.

Dry Soil Elimination

Determining vacuuming frequency needs:

  • Primary Areas – Areas of more foot traffic ought to be vacuumed day-to-day
  • Secondary Areas – Areas of less foot traffic ought to be vacuumed no less than weekly

Dry Soil Elimination Equipment

Beating Machine
A canister vacuum with attachments
Corn broom as well as a handled dustpan
Mechanical hand sweeper
Pile lifter
Upright vacuum with a beater bar brush or brush

5 Major Reasons Why Dry Soil Elimination Is So Essential

  • Can improve indoor air quality provided that the proper filtration is used
  • Enhances the appearance
  • Must cease resoiling
  • Will lessen the wear and tear on the carpet fiber
  • AS well as make the cleaning solutions more potent

Having all of the stress being put on indoor air quality. It is very important that we remove as much dry soil as possible. The vacuums utilized, whether they are uprights, canisters or pile lifters. In addition, it must have the appropriate filtration or the bulk of the soils will be redistributed back into the air. These redistributed soils will result in a decline to the indoor air quality.

Regular vacuuming prevents these dry soils from working down to the base of the fiber where they can cause a lot of damages. These deeply embedded soils can also bring about resoiling following wet cleaning.

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