Equipment and technique for effective carpet cleaning

There are a few basic rules to follow when cleaning a carpet; never aim to make a carpet look new again my yourself this is nearly impossible because carpets wear out over time, especially if they are not regularly cleaned, and therefore can never look new again. Only some big truck mounted carpet cleaning specialist machines can have a chance to make carpets look new again.

Some carpet stains are nearly impossible to remove, so no matter how much you clean them you will never remove them completely. However with hard work and the right carpet stain removers most stains can be removed from carpet. Always examine the carpet before you start a carpet cleaning job and if you spot a potential problem never be afraid to make your customer aware of it as this will help to avoid disputes after you have finished the job.

Nylon carpets are easier to clean because in most cases you can safely use strong cleaning solutions with very hot water without damaging them so learn to identify the type of carpet you are cleaning. Wool carpets need special care or superior vacuumed truck mounted because strong cleaning solutions with very hot water can loosen dyes and make them run so always test a small area before you start, wool carpets can also shrink if you over wet them so try and minimise the amount of water you use and get them dry in the shortest time possible, use a turbo dryer where possible.

It takes time and experience to become a good carpet cleaner so start off by cleaning your own carpet and carpets for friends and family, this will give you an idea of the time involved, which will be useful when pricing carpet cleaning jobs it also gives you a chance to perfect your technique before you go out to clean for a living. I have put together the following guide to cleaning carpets, it may not be perfect but will point a you in the right direction.Auckland City 376 7007 North Shore 489 7784 West Auckland 837 4545 East Auckland 520 0062 South Auckland 262 0720

Pre vacuum

Before you start cleaning a carpet you may need to thoroughly vacuum the area, this removes any loose dirt and dust and will allow the pre-spray and cleaning solution in later stages to penetrate deeper into the carpet pile for more effective cleaning. Another benefit of pre vacuuming is that it will prevent any large bit of debris entering your extraction carpet cleaner and clogging up your wand or machine.

Pre spray

Once you have vacuumed the carpet you should lightly spray the entire carpet with a pre spray such as “citrus gold”, you should use an 5 litre pump up sprayer with a long nozzle. Once you have lightly sprayed the entire carpet go back over heavy dirt marks, usually found in doorways and around settees. Let the pre-spray dwell on the carpet for about 5 minutes before moving on to the next stage

Agitation of carpet pile

The carpet may need to be agitated with a special carpet brush. The benefits of agitation is that it breaks down the dirt and makes carpet cleaning in the next stage much easier it also lifts the carpet pile and allows the carpet cleaning solution to penetrate deeper into the carpet. After you have agitated the carpet wait for about 5 minutes before moving on to the next stage to give time for the pre-spray to breakdown stains. Auckland City 376 7007 North Shore 489 7784 West Auckland 837 4545 East Auckland 520 0062 South Auckland 262 0720

Steam cleaning/ hot water extraction carpet cleaning

Use a hot water extraction cleaner also known as a steam cleaner with a cleaning solution of hot water and a professional carpet shampoo such as “citrus mix”. Start in the furthest corner from the door and draw the wand towards you slowly as you spray the solution into the carpet using overlapping strokes about a metre long, once you have made about 4 overlapping strokes go over the area again with dry strokes to suck out as much water as possible. If there is stubborn dirt on the carpet use a scrubbing motion with the wand and plenty of spray or give it a quick scrub with a small carpet brush. Work your way towards the door ensuring the machine is always being behind you to avoid the wheels if using a portable machine marking the carpet again. This stage is sometimes not as straight forward as you may think and you may have to go over certain parts of the carpet again for it to become really clean but always use a firm downward pressure as this will give better cleaning and leave the carpets much drier, if you have an upholstery attachment use this to remove any problem marks or spots from the carpet as the upholstery attachment increases suction so will be better at removing dirt.

The extraction carpet cleaner is a very versatile piece of equipment and you can use many combinations of carpet cleaners, always use hot water in the extraction cleaner instead of warm water, as this will vastly improve the cleaning power of the solution. Truck mount carpet cleaning machines automatically heat to optimum heat.

Try to use an extraction cleaner which has at least 70 – 100-psi spray pressure, the higher the pressure the better it cleans, and a dual 3 stage motor or a water lift of at least 120 inch, truck mount will do approx 20 times more vacuum uplift, this will provide the high suction you need to remove the dirt and water back out of the carpet. A high specification machine makes life much easier and helps clean carpets a lot better, it also leaves them drier. If you use a low power machine apply a little more time and effort in the pre-spray and agitation stages to achieve better results.

Warning about cleaning wool carpets

Be careful when cleaning wool carpets as strong cleaning solutions can loosen dyes and make them run, If possible when cleaning wool always use a powerful vacuum truck mounted machine which uses less chemical and more leaves the carpet relatively dry.

If using a portable or small truck mount try to extract as much water out of them as possible and leave windows and doors open or use a blower to speed up drying, these precautions will help to reduce the risk of shrinkage. If you are unlucky enough to shrink a carpet arrange for a carpet fitter to visit the property a few days later to stretch /refit the carpet back for the customer.


Once you are happy with the cleanliness of the carpet you should use a carpet brush to lift the carpet pile Brush the carpet pile in several directions to see which gives it the best appearance. Grooming in this way makes the carpet appear newer and feel softer as it returns the pile to it original orientation, your customer will love the results. Little touches like this will mean more recommendations from customers. Leave as many doors and windows open as possible to increase the air flow to the area you have cleaned, this will help the carpet dry quicker. Carpets that have been cleaned with an extraction cleaner usually dry in 2-4 hours depending on the weather.

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Carpet Cleaning for Health

Cleaning your carpets can improve the overall appearance of your home, no doubt about it. The cleanliness of the floor has a huge impact on how clean the home looks on the whole. Having carpet in your home adds to the warm cozy feel of it, especially in the winter when comforting textiles like this are preferred over tile, wood, or cement. Still, if you choose to have carpeting in your home, a certain amount of care is required to maintain its beauty and non-allergen qualities. Perhaps you have not thought about carpet cleaning for health, but it is true that professional carpet cleaning can be good for your health. Here are the top four ways in which this statement is true.

  1. While more than these types of carpet cleaning techniques can be used, there are two kinds that are capable of killing harmful bacteria living in your carpet. These are the hot water extraction method and steam cleaning method. By removing bacteria, you decrease your chances of either having an allergic reaction or developing an illness.
  2. Fecal germs from animals can be particularly harmful to people. If you have ever had to clean up messes from pets or babies, you probably disinfected the surface of the carpet, but if the mess was allowed to sit for an extended period of time, the germs could have sunk deep into the carpeting. The only way that cleaning for health can be performed at this level is to hire a professional carpet cleaner to get through to the backing of the carpet.
  3. Indoor air quality of your home can be improved when the carpet cleanliness is maintained. When cleaning for health is neglected, the indoor quality of air can be 10 to 100 times worse than outdoor air, even with outdoor pollution. By properly maintaining your carpet, you can improve the quality of the air you and your family breathes.
  4. The overall health of your family is defended. It is logical that a clean home interior discourages the development of sickness. Cleaning for health goes beyond just getting your carpets cleaned, but it is certainly not a facet that can be ignored.

Today, there are several ways that carpets can be cleaned to help you improve you your health. The professional you hire will make their cleaning decisions based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are ready to begin cleaning for health, having your carpets cleaned can be the first step.